Welcome Employers

The employer community is vital to the success of the North Carolina Child Support Program. Use this website as an efficient way to send your employee withholding payments electronically and to report newly hired employees. Also available is general information about the child support program and instructions for sending support by check.

Roles & Responsibilities of the Employer of Noncustodial Parents
  • Provide information to verify the employment, wages, and other information about their employees, who have child support enforcement orders, as requested.

  • Withhold and send timely child support payments from their employees' earnings to NC Child Support Centralized Collections.

  • Enroll their employees' children in health insurance plans, when available, and deduct premiums from their employees' earnings.

  • Attend court hearings under certain circumstances.

  • Report the hiring of new employees, whether or not they pay child support, as required by North Carolina law. This new hire reporting data is used to locate parents to establish and collect child support, to detect and prevent erroneous benefit payments, and to prevent the erroneous receipt of public assistance payments.

  • Report terminated employees.
Contact Information for Employers
  • Questions about Electronic Funds Transfer, Electronic Data Interchange: Call 1-877-280-3675 or see Employers FAQ's

  • Where to send support:
    North Carolina Child Support Centralized Collections
    PO Box 900012
    Raleigh, NC 27675-9012